The Safe Place Project was created to be a safe, non-biased place for you to obtain information about abortion care near you. Here’s how to use it:

  • Find clinics in your area by searching the map. Click on the icons for more information about each clinic.

  • Prefer to find this information in text form? Visit the state pages for clinic information in searchable, sortable lists.

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Please note that this is an informational site created for a school project and is not intended to provide legal or medical advice or recommendations. You may want to do further research on the quality and safety of services offered by specific clinics in your area.



My name is Maddy and this is my senior project! I have been a strong women’s rights activist for years, but my interest truly began to mold and shape when I began my internship with Legal Voice, a women’s advocacy group in Downtown Seattle, in my junior year.


In order to become a senior, I had to create a project where I worked with my mentors from Legal Voice on something that I was really interested in that would benefit my community. I remember sitting at my desk for hours with Jennifer, my first mentor and a former employee of Legal Voice, just discussing every single aspect of my interest in fighting for women’s rights. When we moved to the topic of abortion access, something inside me just clicked. I knew this was the perfect project for me and it was something that was really needed with all of the negative stigma around abortion. My project junior year consisted of creating a map of all the abortion clinics in the contiguous 48 states and presenting my findings to both my classmates and my colleagues and mentors at Legal Voice. I set my project aside over the summer, but when I returned for my senior year in the fall I knew exactly what I was going to do for my senior thesis project.

While the map that I already had was a great resource, all it could do was sit in my google drive, not even being used by the public. As I sat down to brainstorm, I knew that the best possible thing for me to do would be to make this map a public entity. I returned to Legal Voice to work with Sarah MacDonald, my current mentor and who took over my mentor position when Jennifer left my junior year. I also picked up another internship with Mercedes at Cedar River Clinics, an abortion clinic in the Seattle area. After discussions with both of them, I quickly realized the map wouldn’t be enough. Finding an abortion clinic near you can be potentially hard depending on what state you live in, but identifying the state restrictions on abortion can also pose some challenges. The only possible way for me to feature all of these additional resources would mean that I would have to create my own website, which is how my senior project was born. After working tirelessly with both my mentors, I was finally able to release this map to the public. My ultimate goal for this project was for it to be a safe place where women could find an abortion clinic near them and assess their state’s restrictions against abortion.


The map and list of clinics are current as of April 14, 2017. Each individual clinic has a verification date stamped when accessing the clinic’s information. Legal Voice and Cedar River Clinics cannot verify the accuracy of this site's contents.